About Us

BleagLee is on a mission to fight climate change by putting up sustainable projects for converting large amounts of waste into useful products around the world. The main aim of the business is to make economic use of waste, while reducing multi-hazard scenarios caused by poor waste disposal.

Our main activities include:
Continuing cooperation with communities for waste acquirement
Sourcing of waste
Manufacturing bioenergy from waste
Creating long-term collaborations with buyers of waste in different industries
Assessing alternate markets for waste
Economic empowerment programs and measuring impact

In the heart of Western Cameroon's bustling Bamenda, Juveline Ngum, the visionary CEO of BleagLee, emerged from the dense fabric of a slum where the struggle for clean air was not just a daily battle but a defining moment in her life. At the tender age of 12, Juveline grappled with respiratory issues induced by the pervasive smoke pollution stemming from open waste burning—a rampant practice in her community.

The revelation struck a chord, propelling Juveline towards a relentless pursuit of change. Witnessing the annual escalation of waste burning during dry seasons due to the absence of viable alternatives, she recognized the pressing need for a transformative solution. In 2019, against the backdrop of Cameroon's air quality index skyrocketing to alarming levels of 400-450, well beyond global standards, Juveline founded BleagLee.

The name itself, "BleagLee,"meaning "Guardians of the Earth,"encapsulates the organization's profound mission. BleagLee leverages cutting-edge AI technology to combat poor waste disposal and the perilous practice of open waste burning. But it goes beyond environmental stewardship. By forging impactful partnerships with indigenous waste collectors and youth environmental groups, BleagLee not only purifies the surroundings but becomes a catalyst for sustainable employment in marginalized communities.

As we narrate our journey, we invite you to join hands with BleagLee in our mission. Let's stand together as stewards of the Earth, fostering sustainable change and creating a future where communities thrive in harmony with their environment.

Juveline Ngum (Founder and CEO)

Dr. Richard Munang

Deputy Director, UN Environment Programme, Africa Office

Daphne Leger

Consultant and Innovation Keynote Speaker

Sebastian Petric

Senior PM and MAC Investment Strategist

Venan Sondo

ESG, Sustainability, Circular Economy & Inclusive Impact


Using disruptive technology like Artificial Intelligence,

BleagLee has developed and patented the design of software to automatically and rapidly detect waste on streets, fields, drainage channels, green spaces and other physical sites. Compared to the process of sending waste workers and drivers to fields, BleagLee’s system is more profitable by significantly reducing the logistics cost of driving for hours to collect survey data.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
SDG 13. Mitigate 300 million tons/year of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 2030.

Responsible Consumption & Production

SDG 12. Eliminate fossil based sources to produce useful products like bioenergy.
Eliminate more than 95% of smoke compared to open waste burning or waste induced wildfires.

Decent work and Economic Growth

SDGs 8 & 1:
Increase the net income of low-income people by 40% by creating a market for waste